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Ekco Miracle Can Opener 885

The ecommerce can-openersi. Com for ekco can opener 885. This open-air automatic can opener is made in the usa and comes with a metal free shipping fee. It is a great choice for those who are always on the go or for those who are always looking for a small fee to keep their costs low.

Ekco Miracle Can Opener

The ekco miracle can open trick! there is no question that the ekco miracle can open trick is amazing! The can opener actually works almost like a direct descendants of the weehipee can opener, which is why it was able to open the meat of a porkchop so easily. The ekco miracle can open trick is also ›.

Ekco Can Opener 885

The ekco can opener is a classic piece of technology that helps people freezer, store and cook with frozen food. This old world technology is still in use today and it is a great opportunity for those who love frozen food. The hand held metal can opener is a great choice for those who love the old world feeling. It is a great opener for people of all ages. the ekco miracle can opener is a classic hand-held metal can opener that is made in usa. This open-top can opener is reliable and versatile, withstands wear and tear, and is a great addition to your rhino orcan opener toolkit. The open design means that this open-top can opener can handle a wide range of heavy cans, and the hand-held design means that you can continue working on the upper can even if that person is multiple feet tall. The metal can opener is capable of opening up to 24 cans at a time, and it comes with a hard-shell case. the ekco miracle can opener 885 is a vintage-era openers from ekco. It's made from metal and has a brown anodized aluminum design. It's 885 millimeters in size, makes a standard 5" opening, and is topped with a black anodized aluminum design. It's made to open cans, bottles, and coolers. The opener has a green anodized aluminum design and it'soffset is 1. 5 grams. The ekco opener can-openersi. Com now at the store. the ekco miracle can opener is a top of the line can opener that offers a unique and convenient way to open can doors. The opener is easy to use and makes open can doors a breeze.