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Ekco Can Opener

The ekco can opener is a great tool for using vintage ekco products. The opener can be used to open a wine or cream bottle, by the corkscrew type, which is found on many camping and outdoor tools. The opener is also comfortable to use and can be attached to acamping or / or electric tool.

Echo Can Opener

The echo can opener is a great way to open doors and windows without any tools. It is easy to use and works with any door keyhole or door puller.

Ekco Can Opener Vintage

The ekco can opener is a classic tool that is back in days of old. It is a great addition to any tool collection. The ekco can opener is a great gift for any historian or fan of old technology. the ekco can opener is a history of can opener. It began as an open-top truck with a metal clip on the bottle opener. The closed-top ekco can opener is a product of modern design. It has a clamshell design that allows the release of pressure in one motion, as well as the addition of a lithography tool. The ekco can opener is perfect for the home-theater or home-theater movie lover. the ekco miracle roll 881 can opener manual twist is a great tool for cutting vegetables. It has a small manual twist that makes it easy to use. The puncture-resistant die gives this opener its high level of protection. the ekco can opener is a great tool for vintage-style open bottles of wine. The tool is made from metal and plastic, and can be used for multiple function. It is also easy to use, just require a campfire compatible tool to work. The retractable tool is also great for removing corks from wine glasses.